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Hao Xin Art Psychotherapy
& Mental Health

"Until you make the unconscious conscious, it will direct your life and you will call it fate."

Carl Jung

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    About Art Psychotherapy   

Art psychotherapy, or art therapy, is a form of expressive therapy that uses visual art as a way of communicating. It encourages people to express their emotions and develop self-awareness in a safe and creative space. Art psychotherapy can help to improve social interactions, foster self-esteem and a sense of connection, reduce stress, encourage self-expression and creative exploration. Both art-making and talking are involved in the process. 

People who experienced traumatic events, feeling out of touch with themselves, or feeling overwhelmed may have difficulty in finding words to describe their experiences and express their feelings. Without the pressure of finding the right word, the process of playing with art materials is a non-verbal communication that enables the feelings we pushed aside or avoided to be acknowledged.

You do not need to have any previous experiences or skills in art. As an art psychotherapist, I believe that the artwork carries special meaning to its maker and it offers a window into how we feel and think. The artworks may carry deep meaning that tells your stories. I offer you a safe space to reflect and explore the meaning of these images you made so that you can have a deeper understanding of yourselves and begin to create new meaning out of your experiences.

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Selangor, Malaysia

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Please feel free to get in touch and inquire about my art therapy service. I would be happy to answer the questions you have. 

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