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Paint Cans

Individual Art Therapy 


Art is a great way in when you are feeling lost or when words are no longer enough to express your feelings. In the individual art therapy session, there will be an opportunity to make some art and reflect on both the process and artwork. Art therapy offers you a non-judgmental and safe space to tell your story, be curious and be creative at your own pace. Regardless of the concerns you bring into the therapy, all emotions are welcomed. Unconscious thoughts and feelings may emerge in the artwork, giving us an opportunity to dialogue with your innerselves. I will support you in exploring these confusing emotions and beginning to find meaning through art-making. 


Art therapy focuses on your relationship with the image you created, instead of wanting to create something pleasing and beautiful. Hence, you do not need to be experienced and skilful in art. I may suggest using different art materials to help you express different feelings. With the art-making, I invite you to connect with your inner-self, express and explore these difficult feelings with a sense of acceptance.

A typical individual session is usually 60 minutes and scheduled on a weekly basis. 

Art Therapy for Children

Play is a natural way for children to learn and communicate. Art therapy offers children and adolescents a safe space to express and process what happened to them in a playful and creative setting. Young children who have yet developed a broad vocabulary or adolescents who find it difficult to share their thoughts and feelings can use art as a tool to communicate and build resilience to overcome difficulties in life. 

Painting Stones
Sunset Portrait

Art Therapy for Adults

When was the last time you make something for yourself, without thinking about fulfilling others? As we grew up, sometimes we get busy with life and lose touch with our inner selves. Art-making can be an alternative way of communicating to support your mental health. Art therapy helps to develop greater self-awareness and encourage you to have more compassion for yourself.

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